January UPDATE

Hey Candle Lighters! Earlier this month, we set a goal…we said that we would not stop untill we made a card for every foster child in Monmouth County. And guess what? We DID it! January has been a very busy month for us, but guess what? (again!) We are just getting started. For the month of February we are taking on double the amout of cards, and some even in Spanish. For our Spanish speaking Candle Lighters. We know that it wont be an easy task, but February is the month of LOVE and we LOVE taking on new challanges. As always, follow our progress each week on here. We plan to bring weekly updates. Next step? We are going to a Girl Scout meeting in Freehold, New Jersey. We can't wait to see what the future holds.. Bring it on 2013!!

Keep Shining,


Project Founder, Light The Candle