Weekly Update!

Hey Candle Lighters! Happy Sunday..and a Happy Mother's day to all of the Moms as well! WOW… where to do we begin? This week Monday, our founder Jordan got to travel to New York city to attend a gala at The Plaza Hotel! She was being honored for all her work with Light The Candle along with 12 other young volunteers from all across the United States. Way to go Jordan! We continued to make cards this week for all of our candle lighters… young and old! A very special happy birthday to our candle lighters that got cards this week! This week Friday, our documentary was done!! Our awesome filmmakers Lauren and Jess put the wraps on the film and are now in editing. A special thank you to everyone that was interviewed and took part in this special project. This upcoming week is filled with lots of new things for us here at LTC. We are welcoming some more guest candle lighters and we are also revealing some new things! Stay tuned Candle Lighters. KEEP SHINING 🙂